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Reliable technologies, high-quality materials, and a thoroughly trained service team help guarantee that our products have a long service life. And although even the best escalators and moving walks begin to age, that does not mean they are ready for the scrap heap.
In fact, specifically for such units, Schindler has developed a special range of modular modernisation kits. At lower cost than for a new installation, we can make your old unit fast and reliable, and fit for the future.

Schindler Escalators


When it comes to safety, there can be no compromise: all modernisation kits comply with the latest technical standards or go one better than the requirements stipulated by all the national and international standards. The advantage for you: risks are minimised, and the safety of your passengers is maximised.

Design & Function


Millions of passengers and increasing passenger volumes take their toll – not to mention the fact that designs are changing all the time too. A brand new unit is not always the solution; very often it’s the small details that make all the difference. We offer customised design kits to make the design and comfort of your unit like new.


Schindler has been developing reliable escalators and moving walks worldwide for decades, and our success is due in part to our easy-to-maintain escalator designs and optimally trained service teams. This allows us to bring the functions of your escalators and moving walks in line with the state-of-the-art technology. Numerous function kits are available. 

Working in Partnership - Schindler & Land Securites Escalator Installation

Energy & Environment

Cutting costs and helping the environment at the same time: using the very latest materials, combined with efficient, energy-saving drive and control systems, not only makes our units more economical to run, it also ensures that the mechanical parts used on escalators and moving walks have a longer service life.