Schindler 3100

Schindler 3100

Simple and Practical. Our Passenger lift for small residential buildings really gets you moving.

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Schindler 3100

Plenty of space. Simple and practical.

Are you looking for an lift for a smaller residential building? Schindler 3100 is the right choice for you. The lift is designed for a maximum of five stops. It is sophisticated, yet simple, highly standardised and quickly installed. No complicated specifications are required. A practical and cost-effective solution.

This lift outperforms hydraulic systems.

The Schindler 3100 traction lift is an ideal alternative to hydraulic systems, because it uses less energy and emits no odours.

Schindler 3100

Conspicuously quiet

Due to the load carrying elements, the Schindler 3100 moves very quietly. An advantage that benefits the entire building.

Offering more space

The car of the Schindler 3100 offers plenty of space. With our load carrying elements, standardised shafts are able to hold cars that are up to 25 cm wider and accommodate one or two additional passengers in conventional shafts.

Schindler 3100

The lift pays off

The Schindler 3100 is environmentally friendly and economical in the use of resources, which contributes to lower operating expenses.

Superior standards

Automatic evacuation is a standard feature of our lift systems. Even in the event of a power failure, the Schindler 3100 will take you safely to the next floor