Schindler 2500 - Bed lift

Schindler 2500

The Schindler 2500 bed lift is sophisticated. To the last detail. It fulfills all the demands youcould expect in hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes.

S2500 Hospital

The Schindler 2500 is sophisticated

To the last detail. It fulfills all the demands you could expect in hospitals, clinics, and retirement and nursing homes. An impressively functional solution.

The Schindler 2500 stands at the ready

At all times. It lets you take the safe route. We permanently monitor the lift and make it available to specific persons at specific times. A reliable thing.

The Schindler 2500 is precise

When starting and riding, and when braking and stopping. You hardly sense the comfortable  movement. A persuasive performance.

The Schindler 2000 Series

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