Schindler Lift ride quality and comfort

Ride Quality & Comfort

Schindler innovations in drive system technology gives our lifts an even smoother ride with less noise and vibration, and minimum disturbance to building occupants. 

Lift noise levels
Schindler Suspension Traction Media

Where Silence is Golden

The Schindler Suspension Traction Media (STM) provides a positive experience for passengers with a smoother ride and reduced vibration due to the state-of-the-art materials used.

For new installations with the Schindler 3100, Schindler 3300 and Schindler 5500 products, or for full replacement modernisation applications with the Schindler 6300 and Schindler 6500 products, our equipment brings serenity to any scheme. 

Schindler 5500 Noise Levels

Schindler lift noise levels

Schindler delivers market leading vibration statistics and superior ride quality through our sophisticated electrical motor design and the advanced dampening characteristics of Schindler Traction Media (STM).

Innovative, safe and efficient performance delivers an unprecedented passenger experience.

Schindler observe noise levels at three critical points to ensure passenger comfort. The location of these measurements are shown on the adjacent diagram. 

Improved accoustic performance provides less noise disturbance inside the lift car and surrounding areas including communal areas or even residential areas adjacent to the lift shaft.

Schindler equipment can even be positioned next to bedrooms with no disturbance to a peaceful nights rest. 

Ride Quality Video


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