Digital Media Services - Turning elevators into communication platforms

Digital Media Services Turning lifts into communication platforms

Using IoT to make it possible to monetise mobility spaces in new ways. Our digital media services make it possible to turn lifts and escalators into communication platforms. They provide new ways to inform, entertain and communicate with passengers, tenants and customers. All services have one back-end solution to manage all channels.

Our Digital Solutions

Our lifts, escalators and moving walkways are becoming platforms for engaging communication – channels that can be serviced and managed from a single source. They can share spectacular entertainment and important information with passengers every day. Choose from our offerings.

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

Keeping in touch

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen makes paper a communication tool of the past. This in-car media solution provides relevant information to the riding public in real-time, with minimal effort and maximum attention. Share building updates, news, weather and entertaining content, ensuring that passengers always stay informed.

Schindler Ahead DoorShow

Waiting gets exciting

The passengers in front of a lift won’t simply wait anymore. They will be entertained and informed by the Schindler Ahead DoorShow. This technology displays information, advertising and announcements on the lift doors.

Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

Eye-catching moments

Spotting more at the first and second glance. The Schindler Ahead SmartMirror is both: a mirror and a screen for entertainment or information. This new in-lift multimedia experience will change the way passengers enjoy their travel.

Schindler Ahead AdScreen

Content that moves people

Attention levels during a lift trip are higher than in public open spaces. The Schindler Ahead AdScreen is built to maximise the impact of this time. The message comes across on a special screen inside the lift. Content, timing, and duration are controlled with a click.

All starts with a unified platform...

  • One standard to use all different channels
  • We provide back- and front-end solution
  • Everything as a service
  • Creating a new way to excite while being on the move
  • Developed, solved, installed and maintained by one reliable source, Schindler

For better entertainment

  • Making ideal use of attentiveness of passengers
  • Work in all kinds of environments from office to shopping centres
  • From information to entertainment and advertising
  • Inside and/or outside the lift car

Schindler Ahead Content Management System

Directing content, creating emotions with our central platform.

Connect your display solutions and update content in no time. The system can be used to administer a comprehensive number of products in a single network.

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