Schindler For Transport Facilities in Taiwan

At crowded public transport locations, people need to get from point A to B quickly and conveniently. From airports to subways and railways stations, Schindler elevators, escalators and moving walks are designed to handle the tough, busy environment of mass transit facilities.

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Schindler products can be found in transport facilities around the world. With Schindler as your partner, you can help ensure that the movement of people throughout public spaces is convenient and safe. Our products are especially durable and reliable, and can be interfaced with your building management systems. Schindler Service keeps them running over the long-term with expert technicians and and integrated service processes.

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We will partner with you to find the right mobility solution for your public transport facility, airport or railway station. Our elevators, escalators and moving walks will meet your most demanding specifications as well as all applicable code and safety requirements. From design through installation, and on through service, Schindler professionals will be there for the life cycle of your facility.

Kowloon-Conton Railway, Ma On Shan Line

The Ma On Shan Line includes nine stations, built along its 114.4 kilometers aligment. The stations are within easy walking distance of the area's major residential developements. 48 Schindler escalators are equipped, providing reliable and convenient rail services for 120,000 passengers everyday.

KAULA LUMPUR International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia

The KLIA is one of southeast Asia's major avuation hubs, currently capable of handling 35 million passengers a year and is expected to handle 60 million by 2020. Being thrice voted as the Best Airport (15-25 million passengers per annum) in the AETRA & ACI-ASQ  awards, KLIA is equipped with 8 Schindler circular glass elevators, 16 other elevators, 11 escalatos and 20 moving walks.