Schindler Lifts Singapore’s Technical Operation Centre Delivering Greater Uptime, Insights and Convenience


Since its opening earlier this year, Schindler Singapore’s Remote Monitoring and Technical Operation Centre (TOC) has hosted hundreds of guests from the private and public sector to increase awareness of the importance of their equipment’s monitoring system with Schindler.

The live demonstrations have impressed all who have witnessed them and positioned Schindler to be our customers' First Choice in the Internet of Elevators and Escalators (IoEE).

Supported by Schindler Ahead, the TOC is an integrated platform between remote monitoring systems and the field operation. Schindler Ahead, a fully digital closed-loop information system improves equipment uptime and delivers insights to better operate buildings. In the time that it has been open, the TOC has achieved better service outcomes for Facility Managers and Operators with the development of predictive maintenance and proactive service.

“The Internet of Elevators and Escalators is providing better uptime of equipment, greater insights for our customers and empowering our Technicians”, said Nima Bahadori Head of Digital Business & Customer Experience at Schindler Lifts Singapore.

“We have customers coming to visit us on a weekly basis to experience Schindler Ahead for themselves and how it will benefit them and their buildings,” Mr Bahadori added.

It will continue to aid Schindler Singapore in fulfilling digital services and delivering an exceptional experience to customers.

About Schindler Singapore

Schindler began operating in Singapore during the 1960s. In 1975 Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established, one year after Jardine Matheson of Hong Kong, and Schindler Holding Ltd. of Switzerland, embarked on a joint venture. Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte Ltd. also supports Schindler's operations in Myanmar.

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