Talent Today. Leader Tomorrow.

You have the talent. We have the career tracks. At Schindler, senior management positions are within your reach.

The Schindler Career Development Program (SCDP) is a long-term, on-the-job management training program that gives you the chance to rise to top positions – international perspectives and professional guidance included. To apply to this exciting program, please have a look at our job search for an available position in your region or country.

Thomas | Senior Eletrical Engineer | Switzerland

"The Schindler Career Development Program brings people together, one step forward and opens doors to challenges aroud the globe. With the program I have the opportunity to go to China, which allows me to share my skills and experiences on an international level."

Arantzazu | Head Fulfillment | Switzerland

"At Schindler I founf all I needed to gorw professionally: training, opportunities  challenges and the most important, the right peoplem the best peoplem who have coached me, pushed me and supported me all over the last 8 years."