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Performance Overview 2022

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Composition of investment strategies

The various investment strategies are composed of different weightings of the four
investment modules: Current Account, Basic, Equities and Real Estate. These modules are
defined as follows:

Current Account      Par value guarantee, currently 0% interest
Basic                       As the current Basic strategy
Equities                   70% foreign equities and 30% Swiss equities
Real Estate              Swiss real estate investment foundations

The ten investment strategies are constructed such that Strategies 1 and 2 do not have any
equity component. From Strategy 3 onwards, the strategic equity allocation then rises from
9.3% to a maximum of 57.75% for Strategy 10. The current Basic strategy corresponds to
the new Strategy 6, with a strategic equity allocation of 31%. Detailed information about the
composition of the individual investment strategies is provided in the overview below.

Investment strategies 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 all exceed the maximum limits for individual asset
classes laid down in Art. 55 BVV 2 (i.e. more than 30% real estate and/or more than 50%
equities and/or more than 15% alternative investments). Insureds who opt for one of these
five investment strategies must confirm that they are aware of the associated, potentially
elevated, investment risks.


Overview investment strategies

Strategies 1 - 10 PDF, 

Return details

Basic strategy 2022 PDF, 
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