Performance / cover ratio in 2014


2014 Performance

The investments of the Schindler Pension Fund generated a very pleasing performance of 8.6% for the 2014 financial year. The Pension Fund began several years ago to weight real estate and alternative investments more heavily, at the expense of par-value assets. This reorientation is beginning to pay off: The Pension Fund beat the average performance posted by the pension funds in the UBS pension fund barometer (2014: +7.33%) for the fifth year in succession. 

2014 Cover Ratio

The cover ratio has risen from 111.4 % (end-2013) to approximately 116.4%. Performance in 2014 boosted the cover ratio by around 6.6 percentage points. At the same time, the distribution of surpluses and the creation of additional reserves resulted in a charge of approximately 1.4 percentage points. 


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