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Performance, Investment Climate and Investments in 2017

Details of Investment Performance
Swiss equities were the best performers in the portfolio, with an advance of +21.4%. The Pension Fund benefited from a relatively high proportion of second-line shares, which once again fared better than SMI stocks. Foreign equities (+18.6%) and private equity (+13.5%) also achieved positive double-digit performance.At just over 30%, Swiss real estate is the largest asset class in the portfolio. Its performance of +7.0% takes into account a further upward revaluation of the Pension Fund’s own property holdings.

Hedge funds (-1.0%) and insurance-linked securities (-6.3%) both produced negative results. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the two severe earthquakes in Mexico, and wildfires in California all pushed the latter result well into the red.

The Schindler Pension Fund once again outperformed the UBS pension funds barometer (+7.8%) in 2017, as it has every year since 2010.