Explore our selected reference projects 

Jewel at T1

Location: Singapore
Building Type: Mixed-use (Hotel, Malls & Retail)
Year: 2018
No. of Elevators and Escalators: 50 Elevators & 131 Escalators
Soltuions: Schindler 5500, Schindler 7000, Schindler 9300AE, Schindler 9500 

The Hillier

Location: Singapore
Building Type: Residential
Year: 2019
No. of Elevators and Escalators: 11 Elevators & 4 Escalators
Solutions: Schindler 5500, Schindler 9300AE 

Marina Bay Financial Centre

Location: Sinapore
Building Type: Mixed-use (Office, Residential, Malls & Retail)
Year: 2013
No. of Elevators and Escalators: 105 elevators, 6 escalators
Solutions: Schindler 7000, Schindler 9300AE 

HSBC Headquarter building

Location: Singapore
Building Type: Office
Year: 2012
No. of Elevators and Escalators: 7 Elevators
Solutions: Modernization, PORT Technology 

Changi Terminal 4

Location: Singapore
Building Type: Transport
No. of Elevators and Escalators: 28 Elevators, 19 Escalators, 11 moving walks & 21 dumbwaiters  
Solutions: Schindler 5500, Schindler 9300AE, Schindler 9500 (Horizontal)