Business couple in Schindler 5500 elevator

Schindler 5500

The Schindler 5500 represents the next generation of elevator in the industry – a machine-room-less elevator that can travel at speeds of up to 3 m/s to a height of 150 meter or 50 stories. Its latest innovative traction media technology provides a smooth and quiet ride, high energy-efficiency and space saving.

Key figures

Capacity630 - 2,500 kg (8 - 33 passengers)
Rated speed1 - 3 m/s
Travel heightMax. 150 m (max. 50 stops)
Entrance1 or 2
Group8 (expandable with PORT Technology)
DriveGearless, regenerative drive option
ControlCollective control
Door widthMax. 1400 mm
Door heightMax. 2400 mm 
Door openingCenter opening / Telescopic opening
InteriorGlass panel, laminate, stainless steel and bare car option

Business woman in Schindler 5500
Schindler 5500 - Sunset Boulevard

No more space constraints

Schindler 5500 offers best shaft space utilization in the industry thanks to its compact car design. It can be installed with no machine room or a MINI-machine room, which saves space. It’s flexible car dimensions and door options make it the perfect solution for special purposes e.g. in hospitals, shopping malls, light industrial and service elevators.

Green mobility

Power Factor 1 (PF1) regenerative-drive technology, energy-saving LED lighting and Sleep Mode operation, can provide significantly energy savings over time, and thus reduce the environmental footprint of your building.

High-level performance

Schindler 5500 is the perfect fit for high-traffic environments. It carries more load and can be easily installed in groups of up to 8 cars per group. The new developments in the drive and traction media has yielded major improvements range of load, increased travel height, faster speeds, better ride comfort and noise reduction.


Schindler 5500 found its perfect match with the PORT technology, Schindler’s revolutionary transit management system. This state-of-the-art technology provides optimized traffic flow, enhances building security and offers an ultra-sleek touch-screen user interface to your luxury office, hotel and residential buildings.

Freedom of design

Schindler 5500 can help you realize your design ideas. Choose from 4 deco lines – from the functional to the sophisticated. You can also design your own interior which can carry 50% more car load than the rated passenger load. It is also available in sleek glass cars for maximized visibility or can be combined with other car interior.

Schindler 5500 - Four essentials for a perfect fit

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