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If you need to update your mobility solution to meet new norms or to provide better service and comfort to tenants, Schindler can help. From complete replacement to replacing single components – we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

Schindler supplies everything from a single source - from consultancy and proposal of the right solution, to installation and maintenance. Modernizing with Schindler can improve your building's value and contribute to better leasing conditions and higher occupancy rates. 

Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

Upgrading your elevator system over time offers many advantages to all concerned – owner, manager, and passengers:

  • Enhancement of property value
  • Cost-effective modernization
  • Minimal building disruption
  • Improved performance, safety and reliability
  • Environmentally and economically friendly
  • Efficient operation
  • Higher passenger comfort
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Modern cabin design
  • Conformance with standards

Premium Ride Quality

Premium Ride Quality

Low Rise Modernisation

At Schindler we believe you can bring improvements to every elevator, which is why we have a range of solutions to upgrade low rise elevators. This is what we have done with our Hydraulic upgrade program through many of Middle East's small office buildings and apartments.

High Rise Modernisation

Schindler 7000 is Schindler's top of the range elevator system for all high rise markets world wide. Leading edge technologies are used in all components for the ultimate in elevator performance. The premium ride quality meets or exceeds the requirements of the world's most prestigious commercial and residential buildings.


Schindler Destination Control

Schindler Destination Control

Schindler's award-winning PORT Technology delivers smart mobility. It offers personalized service and access control, and unmatched performance.

For existing buildings, Schindler's patented Destination Interface process can upgrade almost any existing controller to PORT Technology with a "flip of a switch".

The PORT Technology takes care of the rest by planning and executing a seamless journey using an optimal route designed to take the shortest possible time to complete.

Professional Support

Maintaining value with professional support

The modernization experts at Schindler can help you determine when, how and what to modernize in your elevator. Our team has the expertise and long-term experience to assist you in making the right decision for your building. We know your equipment, and we know what’s appropriate for your particular system. Schindler can replace accessories or individual components. We can provide a new package solution, or install a completely new system.

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