Mall & Retail - A great shopping experience with smart mobility

Malls & Retail A great shopping experience with smart mobility

Schindler shares a common goal to keep people moving. Especially at peak times on weekends. Our escalators and elevators transport people to their destinations quickly, so they can spend more time shopping.

Efficient operation

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s most important. Schindler elevators, escalators and moving walks use regenerative drive systems and adjust to changing traffic demands. This makes them very economical. Schindler mobility solutions combine high efficiency with low environmental impact.

Fast turnover

Realizing time-sensitive mall projects is tradition at Schindler. Over the years, Schindler has developed proven tools for planning layout, capacities and reducing energy consumption. Our foresight ensures hassle-free installation and building operation.

Reference Projects

Schindler existing installation worldwide

ICC, Hongkong

ICC, Hongkong

The International Commerce Centre (ICC Tower) is a 118-story skyscraper completed in 2010 in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. At 484 meters, it is currently the world's fifth tallest building by height, the world's third tallest building by number of floors and the tallest building in Hong Kong. The building is mostly devoted to a Ritz-Carlton hotel as well as restaurants, an observation deck and office space.

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