Schindler Modernization

Modernization for Jardine Schindler means the ability to upgrade an installation in an existing building so that it performs better than its original specification – We can replace older technology with latest design systems, enhance aesthetics and improve performance and reliability. Most importantly for the building operator, we can help make that building competitive with its newer and ‘smarter’ neighbours.

Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

Schindler modernizes your elevators and escalators to meet your specific needs. With our unique offerings, you can enjoy:

  • The latest, most efficient and intelligent technology
  • Improved occupancy and leasing rates
  • Cost-effective modernization
  • Shortened lead times
  • Minimal building disruption
  • Improved performance, safety and reliability
  • Environmentally friendly
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Transit Management System

Schindler's award-winning PORT Technology delivers smart mobility. It offers personalized service and access control, and unmatched performance.

For existing buildings, Schindler's patented Destination Interface process can upgrade almost any existing controller to PORT Technology with a "flip of a switch".

To learn more about how a Schindler PORT technology modernization can help make your building stand above the rest, visit:
The PORT Technology

Elevator Modernization

  • We offer tailor made solutions
  • From complete replacements of elevators to the exchange of single components
  • Whatever the itention is, we'll find the right solution
  • Everything out of one hand - consultancy and proposal of the right solution, and the installation and maintenance.
  • Discover our Schindler 6300 replacement solution
  • Discover our possibilites for updating selected parts

Escalator Modernization

  • Escalators and moving walks are egineered to cope with heavy traffic for a long time
  • But at a certain point they also need some upgrades to handle e.g. increased traffic, to meet changed codes or just to run more efficient
  • We'll anylse with you the situation, provide a propsal that meets your and the buildings requirements - be it either to increase transport capacity, enhance performance or reduce the energy efficiency
  • Our installation methods care for a fast transition period and cause only low impact on the building environments

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