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Schindler offers a number of options that can improve the environmental sustainability of your building.

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Schindler machine-room-less technology

For buildings under 50 stories and 150 meters tall, Schindler offers a machine-room-less (MRL) solution which reduces the need for bulky machine rooms, thus reducing the amount of required building material. HVAC equipment to control the environment in the machine room is also eliminated, leading to energy and cost savings.

By eliminating the machine room on top of your building, you are opening up the possibility of turning unused roof space into premium sky garden space.

Lastly, MRL products have low headroom and pit depth requirements which offers more flexibility for architects and designers and increases the usable/livable space for developers.

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Brakes and guide shoes

  • Ceramic Safety Brakes: offer 33 % better brake performance, require 65 % less volume, weigh 35 % less, and have a much longer life cycle than traditional brake linings. This results in a brake system with a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Roller Guide Shoes: do not require lubrication oil and create less friction thus reducing the amount of energy required by the system.

Elevator Car

A number of options can help reduce your elevator’s energy consumption and operating costs:

  • Sleep Mode: automatically turns of lighting and ventilation after a set period of time
  • Lights: optional LED lights last 10 times longer and are far more energy efficient than halogen or incandescent lights.
  • Car panels: all of our elevators come with standard finish options that reflect light which reduce the need for bright lights in the car.

VVVF Door Drives

VVVF door drives drives with frequency controlled technologies and stand-by mode improve both ride quality and energy efficiency. Improved energy efficiency results in reduced operating costs.

Highly efficient machines

Highly efficient machines

CVF hoisting motor coupled to an AC VVVF drive offers improvements in performance, reliability and ride comfort. Additionally, they consume up to 60% less energy than older systems:

  • VVVF Drive: By upgrading to an AC Variable Voltage Variable Frequency motor, you can reduce peak motor starting currents by as much as 80% which directly translates into operating cost savings.
  • Permanent Magnet Motors: These type of motors require less starting current thus reducing energy consumption. They are light and compact which leads to low energy and material consumption. In the end, upgrading to a permanent magnet motor results in lower operating costs for your building.
  • Gearless drive: Gearless machines are more efficient than geared machines because of less energy loss through friction and heat. Gearless machines require no oil for lubrication which is harmful to the environment. Lastly, gearless machines have much less wear and tear which reduces the need for costly replacement parts.