Schindler 5500

Imagine a day you’ve had a rough night after being constrained in the office due to overtime work. You go home at 11pm, sleep, and wake up late the next day feeling all tired and groggy. As you rush to the elevator to beat your time-in period, you find it cramped with other passengers. You squeeze yourself in, and the inconvenience adds up to the already difficult morning you are having - amplified by the noise you hear as the elevator rises. You reach in for the biometrics scanner only to find out you are a minute late.

For some people, this could be a scenario they often face.

But wouldn’t it be a great jumpstart to your workday when, from the moment you step into your office building, you are greeted by an exquisite ride up from the reception to your office floor? Such is the promise of Schindler 5500.

Key figures

Capacity630 - 2,500 kg (8 - 33 passengers)
Rated speed1 - 3 m/s
Travel heightMax. 150 m (max. 50 stops)
Entrance1 or 2
Group8 (expandable with PORT Technology)
DriveGearless, regenerative drive option
ControlCollective control
Door widthMax. 1400 mm
Door heightMax. 2400 mm 
Door openingCenter opening / Telescopic opening
InteriorGlass panel, laminate, stainless steel and bare car option

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Schindler 5500 - Sunset Boulevard

New Technology Enhanced User Experience

With the Schindler 5500, being late due to slow-moving elevators is the worry of the past. The Schindler 5500 extends the Suspension Traction Media (STM) Technology, which replaces conventional cables, yielding major improvements in loading range, travel height, and speed. With this STM technology, the product prides itself as a highly flexible and sleek elevator, which travels quietly and smoothly, and can be configured to suit amost any type of building.

From Savings to Sustainability

The new technological advances of the Schindler 5500, such as the Power Factor 1 (PF1) regenerative drive, energy-saving LED lighting, and Stand-By Mode options, ensure an ecologically sound mobility solution.

With its high-efficiency regenerative drive, the product uses about 30% less energy than comparable elevators, enabling the production of energy that can be fed back into the electricity grid immediately. Its installed LED lights are made to have an extremly long service life, which can last up to 20 times longer than standard light bulbs, while consuming less energy.

High-level performance

Schindler 5500 is the perfect fit for high-traffic environments. It carries more load and can be easily installed in groups of up to 8 cars per group. The new developments in the drive and traction media has yielded major improvements range of load, increased travel height, faster speeds, better ride comfort and noise reduction.

Intelligent Efficiency

Complementary to high-traffic environments, the control system of Schindler 5500 redefines urban mobility as the elevator is engineered to provide the optimum passenger ride. With a provision to install the PORT Technology, Schindler’s revolutionary transit management system, optimizing building traffic flow, enhances building security, and offers an ultra-sleek touch-screen user interface to your buildings.

Freedom of design

Schindler 5500 can help you realize your design ideas. Choose from 4 deco lines – from the functional to the sophisticated. You can also design your own interior which can carry 50% more car load than the rated passenger load. It is also available in sleek glass cars for maximized visibility or can be combined with other car interior.

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