Schindler Ahead Monitoring of Elevators & Escalators

Smart Service - Monitoring of Elevators & Escalators

Schindler Ahead complements maintenance service contracts. It allows us to respond to your specific needs and requirements – technical or personal. The range of services start with connectivity and end with the management of notified body support.

Order separately from your service contract

Select our Schindler Ahead services according to your needs and preferences, independent from your existing service contract. Fill out the contact form below and let us develop the optimal solution for your needs.

Schindler Ahead Connectivity Solutions

Connecting with the future.

With the installation of the Cube – an essential piece of hardware that enables wireless digital connectivity – services such as edge computing, remote monitoring, as well as voice and bidirectional data can be integrated into mobility systems quickly and efficiently. Ahead Connectivity allows for future solutions and services to be upgraded over the air.

Ahead TeleAlarm

Ahead TeleAlarm is Schindler's leading lift emergency phone solution which guarantees you will always have access to our 24/7 Customer Service Centre.

Ahead ActionBoard

Schindler Ahead ActionBoard is a comprehensive information platform that provides a current overview of your elevators’ and escalators’ activities.

Ahead RemoteMonitoring

Real-time performance data gathered from sensors and the control panel enables monitoring the condition of equipment – and reduce or entirely prevent service interruptions.

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Our 24/7 Call Centre contact numbers:

Northern Region: 09 353 7502
Central Region: 04 802 1420
Southern Region: 03 348 2699

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