Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Schindler is committed to preventive maintenance programs for your elevators and escalators that will keep your equipment running safely and reliably. With trailblazing technology and highly trained technicians, this means fewer callbacks and fewer inconveniences for your tenants or guests.

Schindler Call Centre

24 hour call centres

Local 24 hour call centres handle customer calls and pass the information immediately on to the responsible service technician in order to quickly solve your problem.

We have a team of skilled proactive people who look for effective solutions, before problems arise. We appreciate your sense of urgency and respond to your needs quickly at any hour or day of the year.

A Worldwide Network of Parts Means Reliability For You

Being the largest supplier of third party maintenance in the world means we have the expertise and parts to meet your needs.

Our local warehouses have all major brands and parts. If we need more customised parts, our international network ensures we have ready access to them.

To achieve Schindler’s global goal to service its clients at any time with appropriate means, we have established local and regional service concepts to serve individual market and customer needs. All these local service concepts are based on global tools and infrastructure in order to guarantee the same high level of service everywhere.

For you, that means local service with international, quality standards.

Communication is key

Communication is key

When your automotive car is serviced, you want a checklist showing exactly what they've done and if there are any outstanding items which need to be addressed.

This is exactly how we provide you with feedback every time we service your elevators and escalators. We advise you exactly where your money goes and how we're fulfilling our contractual requirements. Being up front and honest with you is one of our core values.

With industry standards constantly evolving, we'll keep you informed on the latest changes and how they affect you.

Contact us

Our 24/7 Call Centre contact numbers:

Northern Region: 09 353 7502
Central Region: 04 802 1420
Southern Region: 03 348 2699

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