EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 The new standards for increased safety and comfort

The European Committee for Standardisation has released two new standards for passenger and goods passenger elevators to increase comfort and safety. The new standards will be effective as of 1. September 2017. Schindler ensures fulfillment of all standard requirements to guarantee planning certainty for our customers.

Increased comfort and safety

The new standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 are applicable for passenger and goods passenger elevators. All elevators put into operation as of 1. September 2017 will have to comply with the new standards. The new norms aim to increase comfort and safety for both passengers and service personnel.

Major changes at a glance

Passenger safety and comfort

  • Improved clearance of light curtain to avoid smaller objects being trapped
  • Higher requirements for fire resistance of car interiors
  • Improved strength and durability of car walls and door
  • Brighter illumination in the car

Service personnel safety

  • Larger permanent safety spaces in hoistway headroom and pit
  • Mandatory elevator control panel with stop button in the hoistway pit
  • Brighter illumination in the shaft

Schindler commitment

Safety of passenger and service personnel is essential to Schindler. Therefore, Schindler has invested more than 82,000 hours in engineering and testing, to meet the new standard requirements. Planning a new or full replacement elevator? Schindler offers today, the solution for tomorrow – easy to plan, compliant with fully pre-certified products.

Existing elevators

Elevators put in operation before 1. September 2017 are not affected by the new code and can be operated in accordance with the standards of EN81-1 and EN 81-2. In the event that you wish to upgrade your existing elevator, Schindler consultants are pleased to support you.


For further information please contact your local Schindler representative.