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At Schindler, we are continuously improving our ecological performance with a holistic approach. Our products are engineered to use as little energy and run as quietly as possible over their life cycle. We make them with as few natural resources as possible and use no hazardous substances. This lowers our CO2 footprint and the noise pollution of our products.

Engineering and materials

Our Environmental Management approach plays a vital role in the product development process. It improves how we use resources, and help optimize our products for energy-efficiency. And we focus on improving our paper-use and recycling methods. This way, laws and standards are met and sometimes exceeded right from the start.

Modernisation and recycling

Schindler puts high priority on product recycling. This can be a real benefit when modernising an elevator, escalator or moving walk. We reuse mechanical components whenever possible, for instance. We also install new, state-of-the-art technologies. This not only improves service and accessibility, it lowers heat emissions and reduces energy consumption during operation as well.

Production and logistics

Our production facilities meet strict environmental management standards and selected facilities are certified by ISO14001. We’ve decentralised sourcing, production and logistic hubs to reduce the emissions they cause during transport and production. Palette space is optimised at our plants, and our packaging material nearly 100% recyclable. Our Code of Conduct and Vendor Policy strictly forbids child labour. It clearly states that Schindler does not compromise when it comes to safety, quality and the environment.

Installation and operation

When we install a Schindler mobility solution in your building, our fitters are trained to avoid unnecessary energy use and to use waste management onsite. Once installed, Schindler products are among the best for energy-efficiency over their life cycle.

First we analyse, then we advance

Schindler´s approach to the environment mirrors the way we approach our business overall. Schindler systematically analyses its activities and focuses on those areas where we can have maximum effect, such as energy efficiency.

Schindler conducts Life-cycle Assessments (LCA) of its products. The objective is to continuously improve the environmental performance of the product assessed. One example is the environmental performance of the Schindler 3100, which has improved by c. 50%. A holistic approach all the way.

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