Corporate Culture and Values

At Schindler, it’s not just making money, but how we make money that defines success in the global workplace. We conduct our business while maintaining a strong commitment to social responsibility, safety and the environment. These are part of our company values and we live and practice them every day.

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More than 58,000 Schindler employees work to serve one billion people using our elevators and escalators every day. Safety for each one of our customers and employees is first and foremost.

Create Value for the Customer

A strong customer focus is the basis for the design and delivery of all Schindler product and services.

Commitment to People Development

Only the right people can create exceptional value for our customers. We develop our employees' skills so they can effectively work with our customers in understanding their needs and how they can get the most value from Schindler products and services.

Schindler strives to be a preferred employer in its industry and all countries of the world where it does business.

We promote diversity and equal opportunity in hiring and developing our people.

Visible Leadership

Schindler empowers its people at all levels to make decisions and develop skills necessary to be leaders who can shape the course of the company's direction.


All our employees - regardless of position, function or location - adhere to the Schindler Code of Conduct. Our employees embrace a culture of honesty, openness and high ethical behaviour. We demand it of them.