Schindler 9300AE

The Schindler 9300AE escalator series can be adapted to your architectural concept. Whether it be a shopping mall, a multiplex cinema, museum, furniture or shoe store. Even a public transport facility like a train station. And a Schindler 9300AE can be adapted to virtually any design – from the aesthetic, to the timeless, to the highly customised and the sturdy for public spaces with rises of up to 20 meters.

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Built to fit

The Schindler 9300AE escalator series is built to fit commercial buildings and public spaces. It comes in different versions and has a long list of options specially made for airports and shopping malls.

  • The Schindler 9300AE-10 is a pre-engineered solution that meets the most common customer specifications. It delivers optimal performance at an optimal price.
  • The Schindler 9300AE-20 escalator is built for high-capacity transport needs at airports, railway stations and convention centers.
  • The Schindler 9300AE-30 is a cost-effective escalator for mid-rise, mid-speed applications. It’s equipped to handle peak traffic loads and can be tailored to your building needs.

Efficient operation

Our escalators are energy-efficient. They’re engineered to reduce power consumption three ways:

  • Efficient drive systems
  • Intelligent power management software 
  • Low-power components

Schindler’s E3 premium power package uses all three to lower your utility expenses. And by consuming less power, you'll also reduce the environmental impact of the power plants that generate your power.

Outstanding design

There are virtually no limits to what you can achieve with one of our Schindler 9300AE escalators. We can customise any product in the series to suit your specific requirements. They’re so versatile, we have an optimum solution for even the most unusual specifications.


Schindler Group offer a range of Internet tools to support our customers. These easy-to-use tools are part of Schindler's innovative service offering.

SchindlerDraw allows you to draw your own 9300AE escalator (only for up to 6 metres).

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Schindler 9300 AE