Schindler 3300AP The small passenger elevator

The Schindler 3300AP is our spacious passenger elevator for low-rise to mid-rise residential and commercial buildings. Efficient, stylish and designed for performance. It’s easy to plan and install because it fits all standard shaft sizes. User-friendly in daily operation, it also saves you money by being very energy efficient.

Spacious, Comfortable & Stylish

Offering flexibility in installation it also has the complete range of features included in the base model.

Other key benefits are:

  • A smooth ride that’s quiet and vibration-free
  • Optional automatic evacuation safety feature
  • Minimised space required for its overall operating system
  • Maximum space within the shaft
  • Four unique interior styles
  • Minimised impact on the environment - high efficiency, low energy consumption, low torque requirement and oil-free operations


Schindler 3300 scored Grade A in VDIs energy consumption test

Green mobility

The Schindler 3300AP is very energy efficient. In fact, it received a best “Class A” ranking on the independent VDI 4707 (Part 1) standard for energy efficiency.

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EMA Building, Auckland

Taking pride of place on the corner of the new EMA building, the Schindler 3300AP 4-stop lift allows passengers to take in the view down Khyber Pass Road in Auckland. Made from glass and metal the energy-saving lift has clean-drive technology, saving about 30% of standard energy use.

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