Port Technology & myPORT Public Advanced transit management with touchless access

The world’s leading destination control and security access system for elevators and buildings now makes it possible for all tenants, visitors and the general public to navigate their way through Schindler PORT and myPORT-equipped buildings safely, securely, and touching only their phone or personal access card.

MyPORT Public

MyPORT Public

A new myPORT feature available to all users, visitors and the general public in any building with PORT-enabled elevators (PORT third-generation or later). With the downloaded app in the foreground, users can simply approach the elevator terminal and once close enough, the app will display the destination floor list. myPORT public is available for free on the App Store.

Set a maximum number of passengers

Set a maximum number of passengers

Managing the appropriate number of passengers per elevator is very simple with the PORT Technology. Elevators equipped with PORT have great flexibility and the system can be set to allocate a maximum number of passengers to each car. For instance, to support social distancing measures, the PORT system can be used to require more elevator space per person or extend the amount of time elevator doors remain open to air out the cabin between stops.

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