Residential Being home is being comfortable

Schindler understands that peak times in a residential building are when people leave for the day and come home in the evening. Schindler can help you plan for comfortable people transport in real-world situations.

Comfortable mobility

Residents will appreciate the pleasant atmosphere that Schindler elevators evoke. Their lighting, fixtures and colors match your building’s architecture. They provide ride comfort and quiet running on a daily basis. Schindler has the right solution for residents and building planners.

Environmentally sound

You can be sure that a Schindler elevator is safe and environmentally friendly. They contain no hazardous materials or harmful organic compounds. They employ energy-efficient technology during standby and when in use. And you can save even more with Schindler’s regenerative drive systems that put electricity back into the grid to be used elsewhere in the building.

The Metropolis

Reference: The Metropolis, Auckland

One of Auckland’s most recognisable premium apartment buildings, The Metropolis, was completed in 1999 and stands at 38 stories tall.  Schindler was chosen to supply the lifts and escalator which include 4 x high-speed passenger elevators serving 35 levels, one large capacity service lift serving 37 levels, 2 x low-rise passenger lifts and an outdoor escalator.


Reference: Kensington Park, Orewa

Kensington Park in Orewa, north of Auckland, wanted to ensure that environmental considerations were incorporated into every aspect of the building process of their development. This of course included vertical transportation.  Five Schindler elevators were chosen not only for their economical use of energy but also for their superior quality and quiet ride.

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