High performance with low energy consumption

Mornings, evenings and at lunch time mobility in a commercial building is a challenge. Schindler has decades of proven success in planning and delivering mobility solutions for commercial and office buildings – and maintaining them in top condition.

Performance in all dimensions

Schindler elevators and escalators optimise efficiency during peak traffic and reduce energy consumption when things calm down again. Schindler technology delivers performance without waste – including flexibility in design, car size and control options.

Adapting to the building's personality

Schindler products and services can be perfectly adapted to your building design - from the prestigious and elegant, to the understated. Schindler always combines this with optimal handling capacity and infotainment options for all building requirements.

Reference: ASB Bank, Auckland, New Zealand

One of Auckland’s newest and most vibrant sustainable developments is the ASB Bank’s new headquarters at North Wharf. The 20,577m2 building is the most advanced commercial office building of its type in New Zealand and is a benchmark for Australasia.

The building has 3 Schindler MRL (machine room-less) elevators with PORT technology and clear glazed panelling on the cars and doors. A Schindler 3300AP was installed for the specific use of disabled passengers as well as a Schindler 2600 passenger /goods lift. Two Schindler 9300AE Escalators were also selected which are supported on specially designed seismic mountings.

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