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Schindler hotel elevators and escalators are quiet and comfortable. They let guests enjoy your hotel’s interior design and friendly staff – for a warm and personal welcome.

Comfortable efficiency

PORT, Schindler’s latest destination control technology, lets your Schindler mobility solution stay a step ahead. It makes peak traffic periods easy to handle by maximizing transport capacity, so your guests don’t have to wait long when checking in or out. It also optimizes energy efficiency in a group of elevators with a smart energy mode.

Variable identity

Our range of elevators and escalators can be adapted to meet your hotel’s specific requirements. Their variable dimensions and unique designs are a Schindler hallmark. Infotainment options add convenience and comfort for you and your guests.

Reference: Novotel Hotel, Auckland International Airport

Four Schindler MMR (mini machine room) lifts, one being a goods lift, were selected for the Novotel Hotel at Auckland International Airport for a minimum footprint and reduced machine noise, particularly for guests on the upper floors.Also a regenerative drive was installed which regenerates power.

Travelling at 2.5 metres per second, the lifts cover 12 floors comprising 260 rooms. Each passenger lift has a colour screen in the control panel for displaying images. Finishes were done locally to ensure a certain style was achieved for a great first and last impression to guests. Subtle references to New Zealand culture and heritage were also included in the hotel design.

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