Schindler Career Center

We strive to be the preferred employer in our industry. We look for people who create exceptional value for our customers. We want to provide a platform for your Growth and Development in Schindler. 


Human Resources
Schindler Lifts NZ Ltd
PO Box 724
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 353 7500

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Career Paths are not the same for everybody.

Schindler provides an internal site on intranet where our employees find potential Career Paths for their professional development. They can build your career based on their individual interests, their career goals, their motivation, their capabilities, their performance and the available positions that Schindler offers based on business needs.

They own their career. We provide the tools to ensure their success and the flexibility to fit their needs. Whether they are an employee that has worked for some time with the company and has gained experience or they are a new hire, if they are looking for new challenges, they will certainly find options for your development. They can choose to grow vertically or to grow laterally or even to change the area they are currently working in. Every step builds their Schindler career.

Join Schindler and take control of your professional development today! 

Schindler Career Center