Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Schindler service makes life easier for building managers. It keeps their mobility solution as valuable as the day it was installed, and just as comfortable and safe for tenants. Maintenance plans are adaptable to your equipment and your needs. Schindler service network ensures spare-parts availability wherever you are.

Tailor-made service

To meet the different needs of customers, the service provided by Schindler Malta can be classified to three levels of contract coverage - A, B and C - in addition to custom contracts that could be developed if required. Schindler can define the maintenance program most appropriate for each one of your individual units, and so accommodate the unique requirements of your different tenants.

Schindler A - Fully Comprehensive Maintenance

Schindler service A is a fully comprehensive contract which combines callbacks coverage with regular preventive maintenance visits and automatic replacements of consumable items, which means providing automatic replacement for the components of your installations subject to wear within their proven lifetime. Service A is ideal for new installations and is designed to complement, with minimal duplication, your original manufacturer’s warranty.

Schindler B - Semi Comprehensive Maintenance

Schindler Service B provides a unique combination between our basic coverage, preventive service program; the typical interval of lifts and escalators in addition to suppling spare parts with lower prices.

Schindler C - Basic Maintenance

Schindler Service C is our basic coverage which provides two service visits per year. In case of call backs and repairs, the service will be at additional charge as indicated in the maintenance agreement.  

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