Schindler 7000

The global high-rise solution for your landmark building up to 500 meter travel and 10 m/s speed.  Go GREEN and benefit from our energy saving and ecological initiatives.
Make it a SMART building and benefit from our ongoing innovations.
Make it a profitable building and benefit from our SPACE saving opportunities.

Schindler 7000

Key Figures

Building typeCommercial & residentialCommercial
Control typeTransit management & conventional controlTransit management control
Elevator typePassenger, single-deckPassenger, double-deck
Max. travel heightup to 500 mup to 500 m
Max. number of stopsup to 128 up to 128
Speed2.5 - 10 m/s2.5 - 10 m/s

Green Mobility

Schindler has a tradition of delivering green mobility with years of continuously improving the environmental impact of its products. Schindler products are hallmarks of energy efficiency combined with recognized quality and safety. No wonder over a billion people across all five continents trust Schindler products and services every day.

Smart Operation

Mega-cities have huge skyscrapers that present major challenges for the vertical transportation of people. Schindler has been committed to meeting these challenges for many years. With Schindler 7000 elevators, we transport millions of people in the world’s tallest buildings - swiftly, comfortably, safely

Space Efficiency

Big cities are fast-moving environments with limited space and no alternative but to grow vertically. The solution is multi-purpose high-rise buildings that are complex, vertical cities in their own right. Schindler 7000 double-deck elevators are the right solution for these kinds of buildings. They offer an innovative mobility solution that delivers high space efficiency, smart operation and comfort.

Schindler CLIMB Lift

Fast development of urbanization creates a need for taller buildings with more efficient and innovative mobility solutions even during building construction.

As a market leader in urban mobility, Schindler is meeting the challenges by continuously developing the best solutions for our customers.

Schindler CLIMB LiftTM is an effective and optimal solution for your building during construction.

2016.08 Schindler CLIMB Lift
Schindler CLIMB Lift brochure

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