Schindler 5000 - The Performance Elevator Modular flexibility – at high levels

Schindler 5000 - The Performance Elevator
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 630 - 2500 kg
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: Up to 210 m
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Stops: Max 60 stops
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1.0 - 4.0 m/s

Higher, faster, smoother – and greener. Swiss-engineered for excellence throughout, Schindler 5000 integrates the latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for higher passenger volumes – all with superior ride quality. All components and materials are selected to meet targets not just for performance, but also for ecological soundness. 

Schindler 5000 combines high-rise performance with maximum flexibility – for any rise up to 210 m, speed up to 4.0 m/s, and in groups up to 8 cars. The flexibility also includes the design, dimensions, configurations and applications - even for demanding mixed-use and high-rise developments.

Schindler 5000 - Comfort and performance

Superior comfort and performance

Schindler 5000 offers an excellent ride experience for passengers, with improved stability and reduced noise levels at high speeds and up to 210 meters travel height.

Engineered for the highest demands

Higher, faster, bigger
Schindler’s modular product platform is built around Swiss precision-engineered components of the highest quality, enabling Schindler 5000 to offer heavier loads up to 2500 kg capacity per car, increased speeds up to 4 m/s, and rises up to 210 meters.

First-class ride experience

New and optimized components, plus Schindler 5000’s flexible, durable structure, result in significantly reduced noise and vibration levels, providing a best-in-class ride experience.

Swiss-engineered for excellence
Schindler 5000 integrates the latest technology and the highest quality materials to deliver faster handling times for higher passenger volumes – all with superior ride quality.

Innovative drive technology
Schindler 5000 is equipped as standard with our innovative, regenerative drive technology. The system is designed to reduce travel energy by up to 30% compared to any conventional technology available.

Schindler 5000 - Future ready

Future ready

Benefit from our tools, solutions and latest innovations to support you through the entire product life cycle of your elevator. Our elevators are designed to use state-of-the-art technologies from planning to operation.

Schindler elevators designed for next-generation technologies

Plan & Design online
Our Plan & Design tool provides you with recommendations, comprehensive product specifications and detailed layout drawings. All of these are compatible with Building Information Modeling standards, and with our Project Cloud you can share your projects with us. › Learn more

Innovations in installation
Schindler’s new INEX (Installation Excellence) system not only reduces construction preparation and resources for our customers, it also improves safety and efficiency on site. Our autonomous self-climbing robot system – Robotic Installation System for Elevators – will enhance quality and speed of constructionwhile maintaining safety on site in the near future.

Smart operation - Switching to digital
All our new elevators are fully compatible with Schindler Ahead – our IoT (Internet of Things) portfolio of services. With Schindler Ahead, we make sure that our customers can step confidently into the digital era.

  • Maximize uptime with Ahead Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time insights with Ahead ActionBoard

› Learn more about Schindler Ahead

Passenger experience on a next level
Schindler Ahead DoorShow displays information, advertising, andannouncements on the elevator doors. Passengers in front of an elevator will be entertained and informed.

Schindler 5000 - PORT Technology

PORT Technology

All Schindler 5000 elevators are fully enabled for PORT Technology, with all the advantages of reduced travel time in elevators, higher passenger traffic capacity, and the potential for full building security and personalized access. PORT makes buildings more attractive, more efficient, and more valuable.

Schindler 5000 - Efficiency and ecology

Efficiency and ecology

Our new modular product range is designed to combine dimensions, technologies and options flexibly to blend into and complement your building optimally. Schindler 5000 will make your building both work more efficiently and optimize space through excellent shaft utilization.

Schindler 5000 - Full design freedom

Elevating the environment

Schindler’s sustainability policy is a commitment to improve the environmental impact of our products and services continuously, across their entire life cycle. The Schindler 5000 passenger elevator is a fully pre-engineered product
in which all parts are perfectly adjusted, saving both space and energy.

Excellent ecological performance

Class A energy-efficiency rating
Improving energy efficiency is essential in order toreduce the environmental impact of elevators and the buildings they serve. Eco-friendly features, such as regenerative drive, LED lighting and stand-by mode while parked are available in all Schindler 5000 elevators, achieving the highest energyefficiency rating class A according to ISO 25745-2.

EPD for Schindler 5000
To provide an insight into the ecological performance of our elevators throughout their life, we provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). Schindler has registered EPDs at the "International EPD® System" for all major elevator product lines, taking an important step further in the assessment of the environmental performance of our products, while underlining our continuous efforts towards sustainable solutions.

Full design freedom

From functional to sophisticated, pre-configured to custom, our interior design options offer unparalleled flexibility in finding the ideal complement to the most stylish and innovative interior architecture concepts.

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