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Marine Modernization

Modernization case histories

Schindler Marine operated many successful modernizations in Europe and Americas, both on different brands installations, as well as renewing Schindler older systems.

HAL Statendam

Schindler Marine operated a huge modernization intervention on HAL Statendam replacing on 8 former passenger elevators both electrical and mechanical features. Schindler installed the Lobby Vision management system and revised all land doors to give the Statendam new life and glory for its luxury cruises. Car and land buttons boards were replaced, as well as land indicators, accomplishing an excellent modernization work on the customer ship within only 15 days.

HAL Maasdam

Holland America Line's Maasdam has been renovated with replacement of both electrical and mechanical features on 6 former elevators (4 passenger and 2 service ones). Passenger lifts have been equipped with Schindler Lobby Vision management system and all land doors have been revised. As already done on HAL Statendam, car and land buttons boards were replaced, as well as land indicators. Holland America Line confirmed with Maasdam vessel modernization the trust and excellent cooperation with Schindler Marine team.

Carnival Destiny & Carnival Victory

Both the Carnival ships have been equipped with 27 elevators and 8 escalators with Miconic controls and Varyodin drives. Thanks to these powerful modernizations, Carnival fleet can now boast about advanced technology features and luxury details, in particular the fashion design of the elevators interior and the four panorama cars in the seven-deck atrium.

Costa Victoria, Costa Romantica, Costa Classica

Schindler Marine has been working on a PTCM upgrade on existing Schindler installations. This was the pilot project for Dynalift drives modernization. After the first project, Schindler Marine took care in 2006 of the 8 passenger elevators modernization on Costa Romantica and Costa Classica, focused on:

  • installation of Miconic 10 system
  • installation of lift load electronic control system
  • modernization of car and landing doors controllers
  • maintenance service on core parts

All Costa Crociere cruise ships are currently subjected to a technical modernization program (involving crew staff), in the frame of their luxury refitting relaunch project. Schindler is taking care of all equipments, as usual with a customized approach: this is our contribute to every luxury ship uniqueness.