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PORT Technology

PORT Technology

Schindler has once again redefined the boundaries of performance with our third generation destination-dispatch system. Schindler's PORT Technology revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow while offering personalized service and access control.

Advanced technology for improved mobility

If ship elevator system has to face issues such as crowded or chaotic elevator lobbies, long wait times for elevators, confusing lobby layouts, elevators in the same bank serving different floors, security or access issues, elevators isolated for specific passenger groups, passengers with special needs, PORT  - the latest Schindler evolution in traffic management - can be a strong support for your needs. By grouping people travelling to the same floor, PORT reduces the number of intermediate stops and thereby improves the elevator system efficiency and energy saving.

PORT terminal

Traffic Management
With PORT Technology, passengers select their destination floor before entering the elevator which allows passengers with the same destination floor to be grouped. This eliminates crowding during heavy traffic, avoids passenger competition for the first available car, and reduces journey times of up to 40 percent.

Access Control
Passengers can identify themselves at a PORT terminal using a badge, PIN code, or other electronically readable device. Based on the passengers' stored details, PORT automatically verifies their access rights and assigns the car that will deliver them to their floor most efficiently. This allows e.g. to separate passengers and goods transport, to make priority calls (VIP), to program space requirements (e.g. for serving carts), to activate special features for people with special-needs.

Meeting special needs

Different people have different needs and the PORT Technology helps meet all of them. Schindler ID won the "Breaking Barriers" award from the EU Commission as an acknowledgement of our contribution in this area. And today, with PORT Technology, that contribution has expanded significantly. By always knowing the exact requirements of a user, whether it is more time, differing guidance, more space, a specific cab or any number of others, the PORT Technology helps ensure that the journey delivered is customised to meet them.

  • Voice feature announces car assignment and location
  • Distinctive tones guide user to the correct car
  • Voice announces car arrival and door opening and closing
  • Doors stay open longer