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Lobby Vision

Lobby Vision

Lobby Vision is the management tool for elevators and escalators, which allows single-point supervision of multiple active systems.

Integrated Control System

Lobby Vision represents information using on-screen display, and accepts control inputs through its keyboard and mouse. The specification of each LobbyVision installation is user-defined. Interaction allows the operator to turn ON/OFF different features, also called services of the elevator or escalator.

LobbyVision also incorporates a scheduler which can be used to carry out time controlled actions, or actions can also be initiated manually via user defined keyboard hot keys. It records every trip of each elevator or escalator and each change, i.e. statistical information. Operators can display statistical information via lobbyVision menu system, including:

  • car statistics
  • car call statistics
  • floor call statistics
  • waiting time statistics
  • time to destination statistics
  • passenger distribution
  • escalator group availability
  • escalator statistics