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Energy saving solutions

Energy saving solutions

As a global enterprise, Schindler undertakes a substantial research and development effort focused on bringing "greener" mobility solutions to the worldwide market.

Regenerative Drives

Schindler regenerative drive offerings can markedly reduce the energy costs of a ship elevator system. During light elevator loads on ascent or heavy loads on descent, the Power Factor 1 drive system can regenerate the energy back into the ship's electric system.

Since the drives generate less heat, additional energy savings are achieved through reductions in machine room cooling requirements. Regenerative drives return energy back to your ship's power grid to be used for other power needs in your ship.

Schindler can provide regenerative drive technology to substantially improve the energy efficiency of your elevator system, whether your vessel has geared or gearless traction equipment. Schindler's PF1 compact, energy-efficient drive is available for AC geared and gearless configurations.

The benefits are various:

  • less net power usage means lower monthly utility consumptions
  • reduced heat generation means reduced cooling requirements in the elevator machine room. Heat generation can be reduced up to 50% depending on size of equipment.

AC and PM gearless machines

Utilizing AC and PM gearless motor technology, the efficiency of the elevator hoisting machine is increased, allowing for reduced energy consumption.

Elevator lighting system

Schindler provides eco-friendly LED car lighting which reduces the carbon footprint of an elevator by reducing electrical consumption and heat emissions. LED lights can replace incandescent, compact fluorescent or halogen bulbs. Car lights can be shut off for added energy savings when elevators are not in use.