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Schindler Marine Moving Walks

Moving Walks

Schindler Marine moving walks combine comfort with safe, rapid, horizontal and inclined transportation and are ideal for use wherever the elimination of long walks is desired. Due to their unique design, they require only minimum pit space and are available for multiple applications in various combinations.

Increased safety

The slightly cambered pallet surface offers excellent grip even when damp or wet. The pallets are guided beneath the skirt, thereby maximizing user safety.

Schindler’s new moving walkways use small, user-friendly 13 cm pallets, thus reducing overall installation length and eliminating the narrow gaps between pallets and skirting ensuring additional passenger safety. The short pallets are directly attached to the chain, eliminating the need for wearing parts such as connection elements and rollers. The absence of these moving parts means not only quieter operation but also a longer service life for the unit.

Multiple options

Schindler moving walkway products also offer a multitude of application options – from step and balustrade lighting, cladding, skirting, and colours to other devices depending on operator requirements. Schindler moving walkway specialists are there to help you from the initial planning phase – to ensure that the selected equipment fully meet your expectations in operation.