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Marine: Special lifts

Special lifts

Besides elevators and escalators, Schindler Marine offer also other mobility solutions, including a wide range of special platforms. All of them are completely harmonized with the ship design and created to improve onboard mobility in a barrier-free architectural approach.

Platforms for people with disabilities

Platforms for people with disabilities

Access for all. This is our "motto". We strive to offer everyone the chance to easily move within the ship areas.

Schindler Marine special platforms are customized to offer people with limited mobility the best solutions. In fact, ships can pose real difficulties for people with disabilities, but thanks to special platforms it becomes possible to overcome every obstacle. In addition to that, they provide special space saving solutions for inclines in areas of the ship that are not reached by elevators, such as external decks.

Platforms for goods

Not only people but also goods need to be moved on a vessel. We are able to provide different kind of goods lifts, realized all around the ship structure and its moving needs. They can carry heavy loads and move huge goods amounts, performing transport tasks in a simple, flexible and efficient way. This allows to save time and work in a better organization exploiting all ship spaces.

Marine Dumbwaiters


When an additional help in the cruise ship restaurant is needed, dumbwaiters become really helpful. These special little lifts are the best way to move food and courses. On a cruise ship they represent a touch of efficiency, always offering fresh and excellent quality meals to the guests. They are designed to be discrete and quick in their rides and integrated in each vessel structure.