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Service & freight elevators

Service & freight elevators

For any individual need in the market, Schindler Marine provides an appropriate solution. Not only for passenger elevators, but also for freight and special elevators. Schindler has the right solution for any application.

Service and freight elevators

Sound technology for a reliable service

Even if less visible and noted, service installations are a core part of a cruise ship. They are useful to guarantee every vessel services working. Toughness and strength are key words for our service and freight elevators to support an intensive use 24/7. Schindler Marine elevators are all fully aligned with US Public Service Standards, ensuring the highest level of safety. Service and freights elevators are installed on both cruise ships and mega yachts and their technical features are able to always guarantee a high level performance.

Providing mobility from A to Z

Schindler Marine takes care of each elevator system on board, that is fully customized according to the vessel architecture, to be integrated with the overall environment, and created to allow an energy saving added value. We also provide periodical maintenance programs to monitor and ensure elevator reliability and regular functionality. Schindler service elevators are realized with the same attention to the details we have for passenger and panoramic ones, in order to complete the ships mobility scheme, ensuring the same top level efficiency standard.