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Scenic Elevators

Scenic elevators

The ones on board are no ordinary elevators. They are unique creations, especially designed to meet the high aesthetic standards of the cruise industry. Reach the heights and experience the extraordinary with Schindler Marine!

Carnival Freedom
Scenic elevators on Carnival Freedom

Breathtaking design

For both passengers and ship owners, design is the most important feature about on-board elevators. Each elevator interior is unique and specially created by the ship's architect to match the overall design theme of the vessel. Schindler Marine expertise and know-how provide value-added to ship architects and owners by fulfilling any aesthetic demands with a fully customized solution. The materials used, such as marble, ebony, glass, stainless steel and teak, are always researched and of high quality.

The team

Each elevator is unique and created by our fully dedicated Marine Engineering Team. They are specialized engineers - working at the headquarters based in Milan, Italy - who develop every project by matching the strict naval requirements and the expectations of ship owners and architects.

Carnival Dream
Scenic elevators on Carnival Dream

Optimizing energy

Owners' requirements go all in the direction of optimizing energy consumption by developing more and more efficient machines and technical devices. Schindler Marine specialized engineering team has been steadily working over the last years to develop a new generation of products to reduce energy consumption and to guarantee the utmost reliability of installations while functioning. Some examples of energy efficient solutions include "LED" lights for elevator cars and gearless machines with permanent magnets, which reduce both energy consumption and noisiness in the car.

Special requirements

Schindler Marine elevators fully comply with the strict requirements of on-board installations according to worldwide naval registers. Marine requirements are more stringent than those of on land installations as they require specific designs and materials, especially in terms of fire proofing, escape routes and cable assembly.