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Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevators

Schindler Marine's expertise and know-how delivers value-added mobility solutions to customers. We fulfill aesthetic and service expectations with fully-customized passenger elevators.

Carnival Freedom
Passenger elevators on Carnival Freedom

Unique design

Passenger elevators, with their luxurious features, contribute to give cruise ships a touch of elegance, together with excellent reliability and efficiency standards guaranteed by Schindler. Passenger elevators, real design masterpieces, are able to add something special to guests' cruise experience. Precious materials, mirrors and video screens are just some examples of special features available on our products. Every elevator is a unique creation, designed according to the overall vessel architecture. We can satisfy every customer’s request, putting together aesthetic and efficiency demands.

Selective access

With high incoming traffic, it’s important to secure the flow of traffic as efficiently as possible. This is where our destination control system does a great job. When combined with PORT technology, use of the elevator can be restricted to specific persons at specific times if desired.

Emerald Princess
Passenger elevators on Emerald Princess

Not just simple elevators

At sea, elevators must be able to cope with the back and forth and up and down motion and vibrations caused by the ship movements. So, the machines must be far more powerful than on land elevators and the cabins must be vibration-free and protected against water, dust and corrosion.

Lobby Vision

LobbyVision is the management tool for elevator and escalator installations. It allows single point supervision of multiple active systems and represents information using on-screen display.