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Marine Elevators


The only form of transportation for ships' passengers is the elevator, but the ones on board are no ordinary elevators. Like the floating city they serve, they are specially designed and built to cope with the challenges of a sea-going environment.

Schindler scenic elevators

Scenic elevators

The panoramic elevators in the lobby are one of the most distinctive elements of a cruise ship.

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Schindler passenger elevators

Passenger elevators

Schindler products combine researched aesthetics with smooth and reliable functionality.

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Schindler service and freight elevators

Service & freight elevators

Extremely robust and designed for an intensive use, our elevators are reliable and able to solve complex transportation requirements.

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Schindler special lifts

Special lifts

Mobility for all, everywhere. Find out more about our platforms for people with disabilities, platforms for goods, as well as dumbwaiters.

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