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Mobility is our business

Mobility is our business

Mobility is an essential requirement of the world in which we live and work, and also on board cruise ships. Schindler Marine elevators, escalators and services are engineered to provide mobility that’s always efficient and sustainable. Schindler accompanies the development of ships from planning to construction to daily operation and helps to maintain their value over time.

Schindler Elevators


Vertical mobility solutions make movement within the different ship decks possible. Schindler Marine offers fully customized elevators – from big to small, from heavy to light, from essential to luxurious. > Learn more

Schindler Escalators and Moving Walks

Escalators & Moving Walks

When you need to move lots of people at the same time we have the ideal solution. On board cruise ships, Schindler Marine escalators and walkways can manage masses of people safely and quickly. > Learn more

Schindler mobility solutions


Schindler pioneered transit management with its revolutionary destination control system and has the right application for whatever your needs are – including the latest technology for a sustainable operation. > Learn more