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Welcome to Schindler

A welcome by David Clymo, Head of Human Resources Schindler Group

David Clymo, Head Human Resources Schindler Group

With over 1000 branch offices all over the world, Schindler is represented by almost every nationality. Our people of course have the relevant skills, experience and drive to deliver excellent service to our customers and to help them achieve their financial and operational targets.

However, we also expect them to create a working environment characterized by teamwork and shared accountability. Our leaders must display clarity and focus, be committed to their teams and manage with respect, trust and fairness.

Schindler Corporate Culture and Values

Corporate Culture and Values

At Schindler, it’s not just making money, but how we make money that defines success in the global workplace. We conduct our business while maintaining a strong commitment to social responsibility, safety and the environment.

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Schindler Safety

Safety - We care about our people

Safety is a fundamental value of Schindler. It is implicit in our products and services and in the way we work.

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Schindler Diversity


We are committed to supporting diversity. We believe that mutual respect and recognizing each person as unique with special strengths will help us achieve the objectives of the Schindler Group.

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