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Sustainability @Schindler

Sustainability @Schindler

The environment is a common good and its protection is everyone's responsibility. For this reason, Schindler pays a lot of attention to the impacts of its activities, according to a clear Environmental Policy.

Think globally, act responsibly.

Schindler takes care about the effects that the materials purchased and provided may have on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Certificazioni ambientale ed energetica

For this reason it promotes the responsible use of that materials and their replacement - if possible - with eco-friendly and recyclable solutions.

Schindler always pursues the energy efficiency, by reducing CO2 emissions and electricity consumption and in 2009 Schindler achieved the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and UNI EN ISO 50001. Even today Schindler is involved in various ways to continuously improve its environmental performance.

Greener products

For its products Schindler uses carefully selected materials, designed to last the entire life cycle of the installations. Over 85% of the total weight is made up of recyclable materials made ​​from different alloys of steel, cast iron and copper. Thanks to our compact and highly reliable components, we are able to minimize maintenance costs and energy costs.