Maintenance programs tailored to your needs

Your building’s design, occupants and traffic patterns are unique, and so are your service demands. At Schindler, we’ve developed preventive maintenance options to accommodate your individual requirements for your elevators and escalators.

Schindler India - Standard or customized contract coverage

Standard or customized contract coverage

We offer proven maintenance programs for elevators and escalators, not just maintenance contracts. To help you find the ideal plan, we look at three major criteria:

Response times
Does your building need immediate service, or will 24-hour response be sufficient?

Will basic coverage for parts and service do, or do you need a comprehensive plan for mission-critical installations?

What are your budget requirements? We can help you find a plan that works within your cost parameters.

We can provide a maintenance plan tailored to the unique requirements of your building and your tenants. Schindler’s service professionals have the expertise to assess your requirements and provide a customized plan designed specifically for you.


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