Schindler 7000

The global high-rise solution for your landmark building up to 500 m travel and 10 m/s speed.  Go GREEN and benefit from our energy saving and ecological initiatives.
Make it a SMART building and benefit from our ongoing innovations.
Make it a profitable building and benefit from our SPACE saving opportunities.

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Schindler 7000

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Description Single-deckDouble-deck
Building typeCommercial & residentialCommercial
Control typeTransit management & conventional controlTransit management control
Elevator typePassenger, single-deckPassenger, double-deck
Max. travel heightup to 500 mup to 450 m
Max. number of stopsup to 128 up to 128
Speed2.5 - 10 m/s2.5 - 8 m/s

Green mobility

The Schindler 7000 is a 3-in-1 green solution, offering energy efficiency, energy savings, and low material usage. 

- Energy efficiency
- Schindler 7000 achieves a green energy efficiency grade of "A" and "B"

- Energy savings - comes with energy saving standby power operating mode as a standard, saving energy for you during non-peak hours

- Less material usage - compact system design reduces shaft and machine room size, which provides energy efficiency and more rentable space

- Greener materials - Over 85% of the elevator's total weight is recyclable material, made of different alloys of steel, iron and copper. Schindler 7000 allows all parts to be easily replaced for repair and modernization, which brings superior material savings, energy saving and increases the life of the machine.

The green power within the high-rise elevator
The green power within the high-rise elevator

Smart operation

The intense traffic flow in the global mega-cities also overflow into their mega-skyscrapers. They present major challenges for the horizontal and vertical transporttation of people inside high-rise buildings. Schindler has been committes to this challange for many years. Schindler 7000 elevators transport millions of people in the wolrd tallest buildings - swiftly, comfortably, safely.


The smart way through the building
The smart way through the building

Space efficiency

Big cities are growing vertically, more and more. The speed and time pressure of daily life leave no alternative. Modern multi-purpose buildings are vertical cities with their own transportation requirements. And the most challenging tall buildings need innovative concepts to move passengers efficiently and comfortably. Schindler 7000 double-deck elevators have everything to cope with the increasing complexity of building planning.

Double-deck elevators for more rentable space
Double-deck elevators for more rentable space