Elevators Mobility for individuals and goods

From high rises to shopping malls, Schindler elevators offer reliable mobility in residential and commercial settings.

The right solution for any application

For any individual need in the market, Schindler provides an appropriate elevator solution.Starting with low-rise requirements focusing on basic transport needs at affordable prices, onto the mid-rise applications for the residential and the commercial market segments and finally on to the high-rise section for taller buildings and fully customizable solutions, Schindler elevators fulfill international requirements and regulations.

Schindler 1000

Our passenger elevator for low- to mid-rise residential buildings is simple to plan, fast to install and economical to maintain.

Schindler 3000

Our flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-around passenger elevator applicable to various building types and use cases.

Schindler 5500

Find out how the Schindler 5500, our mid-rise passenger elevator for commercial buildings, lifts functionality and style to the next level.

Schindler 7000

Our passenger elevator for high-rise buildings fitting the need for taller buildings with even more efficient and innovative mobility solutions.

Freight & Special Elevators

For any individual need in the market, Schindler provides an appropriate solution. Not only for passenger elevators, but also for freight and special elevators.

Design catalog

Create your own elevator car interior design. Find the ideal fit for functional, sophisticated and innovative interior architecture concepts.

Packages for Elevators

The Schindler Packages are designed to upgrade your elevator in preferred way. Find below a list of packages Schindler offers.

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