Driving Urban Mobility

Miconic 10, Destination Control

Miconic 10 is a revolutionary control system that groups passengers according to their registered destinations. Miconic 10® is based on one very simple, but highly effective idea:

  • You register your destination on a keypad before you enter the elevator. After that, Miconic 10 takes over. This new concept in elevator traffic management eliminates pushbuttons inside the elevator cab. Miconic 10 already knows where you're going. Miconic 10 also Eliminates rushing to get to the first available elevator and crowding in cars.
  • Offers special features for people with disabilities.
  • Can be tied into existing building systems.
  • Speeds your destination time by an average of 30%.

Miconic 10 immediately allocates individual cars to individual passengers even during the busiest building rush hours. It makes sure you have enough time to reach the elevator without having to hurry (and makes special allowances for wheelchair passengers and the visually impaired). And, it saves you time.

Schindler ID

Schindler ID is our unique human interface system architecture that facilitates a new level of passenger communication and thus a new level of elevator utility.

When used in conjunction with Schindler Miconic 10, Schindler ID allows previously unattainable passenger service to be provided, since it knows each passenger’s exact requirements.

Passengers identify themselves with a badge, PIN code, or other electronically readable device such as a key tag that has their details programmed on it. Schindler ID can then assign an elevator car that conforms to their needs and will take them to their destination as soon as possible.

Schindler ID can provide multiple levels of security, from simple access control to highly restricted use – all reconfigurable by our customer at any time